thk thk Τετ. 24 Ιούν. 2009 20:38 tags λίνουξ , προγραμματισμός 0 views
Copied an eclipse workspace folder into a new linux system.
All projects are svn working copies.
Eclipse does not realize this , and you are not presented with the projects in the synchronize tab.

Solution, cause: When I originally checked out the projects I checked them out from a url that I personally put in /etc/hosts file. In the new linux system this host did not exist . When I put the corresponding line in /etc/hosts eclipse did realize that the projects where checked out from svn and presented me the option to synchronize them.
Well i dont know why eclipse does not show the option to synchronize and then crash with an error that says something like 'unknown host...' .Maybe it is subclipse (probably) issue .
Anyway it is not the first time eclipse is giving me a headache.