thk thk Σαβ. 23 Μαϊος. 2009 1:45 tags λίνουξ , thk 0 views
On my desktop the pc that I also work , nowadays I run linux mint 6.Now that I remember the  first linux I installed , suse 9.0 back in 2003 , it seems to me that things were not so buggy then. The thing is with this new (maybe it is now more than one year old ) sound system pulseaudio... Since it was first started being used it gave sound in pc a new meaning. It is also (pulseaudio) using some 10% of your CPU!!!
What ? you had never problem with sound in your pc?
Why then don't you install an ubuntu os .
Linux: inventing new problems..

(but i am not going back to windows)...
Now i ve got to make audacity speak , bye bye...