thk thk Τρι. 30 Σεπ. 2008 0:40 tags κομπιούτερ 0 views
I still use yahoo mail. I have an address in yahoo.gr.
However yesterday I realized that the 4th folder that in english interface is named "Bulk Mail"and contains spam mails is actually my "Team Mail" named (ομαδική αλληλογραφία) folder in greek interface.
I never quite understood why they named this folder "Team mail" but since I had not any problems I have been passing it by.
That was till yesterday when I realized that yahoo deferred mails from  my mail server and that I had a problem.
Then I realized (from a friend that has yahoo.com and thus english interface) that "Team Mail" (ομαδική αλληλογραφία) actually is the spam folder.
And I was wondering.. Why when I send mail from my server goes to this "team mail" folder?


Another spastic thing is that you cannot choose the language of yahoo mail. If you have a yahoo.gr address you are doomed to have the greek interface.