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police spam

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α, περίμενα καμιά ιστορία με αστυνομική βία στη χιλή....
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Roxanne και copeland.

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Δειξε μας ρε δασκαλε καμια τυμπανιά

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Because I like to practice my english and communicate with my global audience , sometimes I write texts in the english language. This text is about one topic that concerns us all. The Linux operating system . Many people especially BIG personallities in the linux world can't sleep at night because there is one thought that tortures their mind.
And that is: "When linux will become the dominant operating system" ?
Apart from talking funny this is a serious matter  in a way , (english is so spastic because you can't play with the words. Everything has it's place) because if Linux will become the dominant operating system it will mean that people - you know THE WORLD- can build something great (not great in words but great in proof) away from the traditional economic process of wage slavery. and that will bring a paradigm (as is the case with linux, and internet in generally , today).
So in this article i am gonna express my thoughts about what linux needs to do to become the dominant (κυρίαρχο - Η Kύρια Αρχή , κάτι σα το facebook και το hitler) operating system .
  1. Of course the first thing linux needs to do is copy. Copy is the holy grail of fine art. I believe (and of course copy from other) that the whole process of creation is to  copy things YOU LIKE and transform to your taste and then give something new. So the first thing, linux needs  to copy , is of course Win XP. This is because Win Xp is STILL (I mean after the arrival of vista ) the dominant operating system. Now that microsoft idiots fall into the trap and tried to copy linux and MAC OS X with vista, and everybody want their XP back, it is the right time to copy XP.
  2. Of course we will copy the good things from XP because XP sucks also. The first thing we DO NoT want to copy is viruses and guess what? This thing is already achieved !(although that if we copy XP and become the dominant OS then virus writers will target Linux and although Linux is based ON A MUCH MORE SECURITY CONCIOUS ARCHITECTURE  , there will be a time when we will need antivirus software for linux , but then again on the other hand..) 
  3. So what we need to copy from win XP : XP is faster .On a clean installation XP boots faster than today's linux. This is no big matter, but as a developer i think it is crucial for Linux to become lighter and boot faster. It will mean it is made of pure ingredients you speed junkies!
  4. THE FILE MANAGER NEEDS TO OPEN FASTER IN KDE AND GNOME. So this leads the article to the hope of linux .In this time this is XFCE. It is fast, and thunar opens REALLY FAST! With a little more features Xfce will kick ass. And think about this to get the KAOTIC times we live in! Most programs of  XFCE (thunar ,the terminal) are written by a college student - obviously a really good programmer - SO: All we need is just a few good people!
  5. Xfce should gather more attention at the moment , because it is made to be simple ,small and fast.AND THAT IS WHAT AN OPERATING SYSTEM NEED TO FOCUS ON.
  7. bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS RELLEVANT , we need to to put PRIORITIES. This means what needs to be done first will be done first.So we need to say what we want from our operating system at first. For example: I want to transfer my photos at LEAST so easily as in windows XP .
  8. Let's not transfer modern games to Linux like SIMS,  because these games are like Heroin.
  9. I WANTED TO DO THAT, BUT SOMEONE HAS TO MAKE THis IMMEDIATELY! :  A START MENU LIKE linux MINT'S IN XFCE! (without the bugs of  hippie programmers)
  10. BEtter search.. You know..
  11. Finally we need to provide an award model for the developers. Because a bear that feels hungry cannot dance. When people all over the internet start to donate to the developers that do good job we might wait somethin new.
Ok as you see linux domination and revolution is something simple..
But then again, I do not care care if Linux will become the dominant operating system. It suits me , that I am using it right now and that I am posting this article without feeling that someone is watching my back (at least I get this feeling , besides that the problem of our generation is described perfectly in a latest movie about a punk rocker with the  title 'what we do is secret').

To end this nonsense article: This conversation is about Linux desktop .On server LINUX IS GREAT.And you know why? because it was primarily evolved by people who had servers.

linux as nice as this
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ranxΓεια σας. Που και που πεφτω στη τηλεοραση πάνω στο extreme makeover και παντα παθαίνω το ίδιο σοκ. Ειδα πριν 10 λεπτά κάτι φρεσκοφτιαγμένα βυζιά με blur εφε κιολας για να μη προκαλειται το δημοσιο αίσθημα. Η κοπέλα (ή το πράμα γιατι πρεπει να σαι πράμα και ΖΑΜΠΟΝ για να πας στο extreme makeover ) είδε τις αλλαγές (στο madpy) και πάλι δε το πίστευε. Τα χω παρει και με το δημόσιο άισθημα γιατι δε προκαλείται απο το extreme makeover αλλά απο τις ρώγες.
Ηλιθιότητα συναντάμε εμεις οι έξυπνοι παντού και πρέπει να καταστρώσουμε ένα σχέδιο για να αντιμετωπίζουμε τους ηλιθιους , γιατι ενας ηλιθιος μπορει να καταστρέψει ας πουμε μια καλή φάση πολλών ατόμων , γιατι και οι εξυπνοι ειμαστε ψιλοβλάκες.
Επίσης να σας πω οτι κάποτε θα κάνω ένα νέο τύπο περιεχομένου που θα λέγεται ασημαντότητα για να βαζουμε όλες αυτες τις ασήμαντες σκέψεις που θα φαίνονται σε άλλο tab ξεχωριστά απο τις σελίδες μας.
Καλο βράδυ και ασήμαντες σκέψεις.

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if you get a message like:
Received message too long
when sftping to your server , check .bashrc , script on the server you are trying to connect , if there is a type-to-output part like an echo command somewhere.
I had done this thing to check if .bashrc
was executed (added echo "welcome.." ) and I had this problem with sftp.
After removing the echo line from .bashrc , I was able to connect again with sftp.

από buster 2011-05-20 13:29
Thank you.
Muchas gracias.
από penguin 2012-10-25 23:21
Thank you so much! It really solved the problem.
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It's nice when the server and the client talk, but it is more nice when the servers talk to each other.
Since I did not come upon any python code of implementing that , here is a python snippet to get icecast2 stats. This function gets stats of an icecast2 mount source you want to track.  In my case all I wanted was the listeners number. So i am calling it like self.getIcecastStats("/playlist",['listeners']). It returns a dictionary . In my case it will be like : {'listeners':2}.
..Oh I forgot. This functionality is now part of kaotonik since if you are logged in you can view in the start page , how many are listening to radio right now.
Handle with care , as you see there is no exception handling .

    def getIcecastStats(self,source_mount,  keys):
        """gets icecast2 stats  of the specified source_mount. For this source
        it will return the keys values in a dict."""
        import urllib2
        password_mgr = urllib2.HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm()
        # create a password manager
        # Add the username and password.
        # If we knew the realm, we could use it instead of ``None``.
        top_level_url = ""
        password_mgr.add_password(None, top_level_url, username, password)

        handler = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler(password_mgr)

        # create "opener" (OpenerDirector instance)
        opener = urllib2.build_opener(handler)

        # use the opener to fetch a URL
        f=opener.open(top_level_url + "/admin/stats.xml")

        from xml.dom import minidom
        domObj = minidom.parseString(xmls)
        nodes = domObj.getElementsByTagName('source')
        for nod in nodes:
            if nod.getAttribute('mount') == source_mount:
                for key in keys:
                    vnodes = nod.getElementsByTagName(key)
                    if vnodes:

        return retD

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Svn is givin me hell again. It seems i am gonna be very poor because there is no time to work.I spend all my time trying to solve svn issues. Svn merge is like hell.You have to look at the logs (with svn log) of the files you want to merge and decide which is the right revision to chooose. Last night I accidentally merged with a past revision and .. hell came.
If you d like to undo the last merge, then your best bet is to delete all directories that were merged and do a fresh svn update to get the latest revision in your working copy. This of course means that you  often commit  back to your repo, and you have a recently updated revision there.

Today , svn remembered that it had problems with a greek filename that was added many months ago..
The solution was :
export LC_CTYPE=el_GR.UTF-8
and then svn update or svn commit.

Too much time spent to maintain the code and not writing the code.
I 'd like sometime to try GIT but I do not know how well it intergrates with the other daemon..eclipse..

And by the way:
Today I felt lucky because of running Linux. Next to mine pc had a virus and a friend called with virus problems too.

Sometimes i consider windows impossible to be operated by the average user.

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καιρο έχω να γραψω κανα αρθράκι ας γραψω μια ασχετη καοτονοτικη σκέψη που μου ρχεται στο μυαλό. Τη τελευταία εβδομάδα εχει ζεσταθεί το καοτονικ με το ράδιο live και testing. Μπορείτε να ακούτε απο εδώ -- > http://www.kaotonik.net:8000/playlist.m3u και αν είσαστε εγγεγραμμένος χρήστης να μπείτε στο studio εδώ --> http://www.kaotonik.net/en/radio .Αν δεν εισαστε μπορείτε να το διορθώσετε άμεσα εδώ --> http://www.kaotonik.net/el/users/join .
Που λέτε ολα στη ζωη ειναι μια αντιγραφή. Καθε τι που κανουμε  αντιγράφει πράγματα που εμείς θεωρούμε ωραία. Δεν θα υπήρχε τίποτα χωρις αντιγραφή ανακάτεμα φαντασια και ανασύνθεση γι αυτό και γαμιούνται οι πατέντες που λένε και οι λινουξάδες.
amarokΗ αγαπημένη μου εφαρμογή για να ακούω μουσική είναι το amarok. Να φανταστείτε είναι τοσο ωραιο (σχετικά ειναι όλα), που τις προάλλες πηγα να παιξω μουσική στο winamp , μου την έσπασε , και έκανα rebοot σε λινουξ για να τρέξω το αγαπημένο amarok.
Οσοι ενδιαφέρονται περί τι OS τρέχει ο κόσμος ας καταλάβουν πως αυτο που κρατάει το κόσμο σε ενα λειτουργικό σύστημα , είναι οι εφαρμογές που τρέχει σε αυτό.
Μια μπύρα στα κοπέλια που γράφονε το amarok .
Και τζαμπα .
Και το κυριότερο ,  open source.

A , τo robotaki βαζει τη καλύτερη μουσική.

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