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I thought linux and os's are in a degree where they could not still do such things..
Maybe it's because you get confident from all the time you sit in front of your box..
I just losed my home..
Yes sad but true.
And here is how it all started..
It is a debian lenny beta 2 xfce linux.. So you know, one of the first things that users tend to do in their os is to create shortcuts on the desktop.This a VERY VERY common practice. In ubuntu there is on the right click menu the magic action "Create launcher".
But NOT on debian.In fact you could get to this action if you right click on a shortcut that is already there. But this is the last thing you could imagine : To create a new shortcut you have to right click on an existing one!!!
So I don't remember where but I read that if you drag n drop a folder to the desktop it will create a link to this location. So while drag n droping my home from the mint partition to debian lenny desktop, a message appeared that it could not do a thing.Maybe it was telling me that it could not move a file. Well it's one of those messages you read but dont fully realize what they say , so you click "OK" or "Cancel" and continue.
Well as you realize I lost all my home.
Yes xfce failed to move a file ( i thought it was just linking ) so all the source and destination files are gone.
Folders exist but with no files inside.

The folders are still there but ALL tHE FILES have disappeared.
Because if something goes wrong - and yes , you misunderstood or this fucking thing misunderstood that instead of creating a link you are moving the whole folder -  then all files are wiped.
HEy xfce!!!
You are nice but where is my FUCKIN HOME?
To create a new shortcut on desktop you have to right click on an existing one!!!

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A theme I ve made for torrentflux-b4rt , read more here
A theme I ve made for torrentflux-b4rt , read more here 
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torrentflux-b4rt thk themeMy torrent client is torrentflux-b4rt . The frontend is written in php and as you understand we are talking about a web interface here.
The nice thing about web applications is that you can access them from everywhere . You are in your laptop and suddenly it struck you to download that movie ? Open firefox and go to your "local network all the time open" pc and submit the new torrent to torrentflux. You are in your work?Why not steal some time (not much just 5 hours) and find some torrents to download? ?Why not download something to be ready when you arrive back home...
So, this is a theme I ve made for torrentflux 2+:
Download thk theme
Extract it in torrentflux installation under html/themes, then choose thk as theme in your profile.

then as usual stand up on your chair and shout : hip hip hooray!

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Αν δεν βλέπετε ελληνικους υπότιτλους με το kaffeine και γενικά με το xine ,κλείστε το kaffeine , και  καντε copy paste  το παρακάτω ματζούνι στη κονσόλα σας και σταυρώστε τα δακτυλάκια σας

cd ~
wget http://www.kaotonik.net/home/mari@pi/arial-xine/download -O arial-xine.tar.gz
mkdir -p ~/.xine/fonts
cd ~/.xine/fonts
cp ~/arial-xine.tar.gz ./
tar xvzf arial-xine.tar.gz
cp ~/.xine/config ~/.xine/config.bak

sed 's/.*subtitles.separate.src_encoding.*/subtitles.separate.src_encoding:iso-8859-7/' ~/.xine/config > $tmp
cp $tmp ~/.xine/config
sed 's/.*subtitles.separate.subtitle_size.*/subtitles.separate.subtitle_size:normal/' ~/.xine/config > $tmp
cp $tmp ~/.xine/config
sed 's/.*subtitles.separate.font.*/subtitles.separate.font:arial/' ~/.xine/config > $tmp
cp $tmp ~/.xine/config
sed 's/.*subtitles.separate.use_unscaled_osd.*/subtitles.separate.use_unscaled_osd:0/' ~/.xine/config > $tmp
cp $tmp ~/.xine/config

rm $tmp
cd $curdir

από astronaut 2008-09-30 16:44
thanks file.
apla kai eukola
από linuxnew 2008-10-21 10:12
oti poio aplo!!
από efo 2009-03-20 23:50
efxaristo file oti kalitero me giatrapse t matzouni giati hd kai vlc de paei me tpt
από me 2009-04-01 15:25
doulepse teleia ki efkola
Efxaristoume thk
από Georgios 2012-08-15 15:52
Εγώ συνεχίζω να βλέπω αλαμπουρνέζικα αντί για Ελληνικά.   :(
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Σα καλό γεεκ να σας πω και εγω οτι κυκλοφόρησε η Google ενα καινουργιο browser σε beta για windows
chrome τονε λένε και μπορείτε να τονε βρείτε εδώ. Αν είστε τόσο χέστης και ακόμα φοβάστε να βάλετε firefox και τρέχετε internet explorer ιδου μια ευκαιρία να ξεκολλήσετε. Είναι Open source και αυτη τη στιγμή δυστυχως εμεις που δεν εχουμε win στο pc μας τον κοιτάμε απο το διπλανό (αλλα γλιτώσαμε απο τα win).
Βγάλανε και ένα ατελείωτο κομικ για το Browser εδώ. Διαβάστε αν σας αρέσει η ζαλαδα και θελετε να δείτε τι παίζει με τη μνήμη , το threading και τις διεργασίες ενος υπολογιστικού συστήματος.

από tt39 tt39 2008-09-04 12:11
Εξακολουθώ να μη ψήνομαι.
από mari@pi mari@pi 2008-09-04 12:51
Δεν πέρασε το απόλυτο crash test ~ Δεν δουλεύει καθόλου όμορφα (έως καθόλου δηλαδή) μέσα από τον proxy εδώ στην εταιρία..
από tt39 tt39 2008-09-04 14:44
Για να  μάθεις να δουλεύεις και όχι να αργοσχολιάζεις.
Ορίστε μας.
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χοχο τι φάση!

I recently got tired of waiting file manager to open and decide to stop hard drugs such as KDE and G...
I recently got tired of waiting file manager to open and decide to stop hard drugs such as KDE and Gnome. What better than pure ingredients as xfce!
Here is lenny debian beta 2 because i like apt-get with adesklets compiled with blood . And pure firefox with all the brands.
It's a pure ingredient thing..
(second from right is paparachi a formatted text grid viewer , soon to be released - open source tzamba)
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Linux Mint is nice but unfortunately not so fast or stable. Sorry , it might be something I ve done , maybe wine that hit (wine server ) 100% cpu , but then again..
A linux fan searches for excuses like these.. So.. Movin again.
It's got to be debian based , and xfce. Installed dreamlinux but hated the MACish look that could not change, the hidden xfce settings..
So I said to try for the first time in my life debian on desktop. Pure debian .No ubuntu,mint,dreamlinux,sidux.
Downloaded Debian lenny beta 2 xfce.
1. I had tried to install Sidux Ερεβος but gave me blank screen with out of sync rate.Same problem in Lenny (sidux , dreamlinux are lenny based and yes I like motorhead too). The trick i tried? I installed nvidia driver from command line but first I had to change kernel because I could not find source for 2.6.24. So I installed the latest available kernel 2.6.26 and it's headers and it's source  from apt-get.
The trick with nvidia driver worked.
2. No flash in iceweasel. Copy paste the flash plugin file in plugins had iceweasel crashed. Totally removed Iceweasel (some time after the point it seemed useless to trying installing pure firefox) and installed latest firefox from file.I missed the red fox logos. So to install pure firefox in debian lenny competely remove iceweasel, download latest firefox tar.gz and extract somewhere in your filesystem. I personally extracted it in /usr/local/bin as firefox301. Then i linked it like that :
ln -s /usr/local/bin/firefox301/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox .

3. Tried (too much hour) to install adesklets. There is not a live forum and the deb installation crashed on debian lenny beta 2 becase it could not find fonts. Ended up trying to compile adesklets but I had stuck with an error that said adesklets was not configured for using X and in the end something trippy  like that:
For this to work you do need first to configure your Imlib2 incantation for not using X Window itself.
I discovered the --without-fontconfig directive and used it for the fontconfig problem because after one successful compile I saw debugger and last fontconfig crashing.
Anyway for the missing X support even if I installed a million X * dev packages it kept on appearing.
I finally ended up reading the configure script and discovered somewhere in line 7130 this check:
if test -r $ac_dir/libXt.$ac_extension; then
So I searched on synaptic and installed libxt-dev.
Then I compiled normally just plain configure without --without-fontconfig flag but it crashed .
So the most recent build is with ./configure --without-fontconfig

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τελικα είναι μικρός ο κόσμος
τελικα είναι μικρός ο κόσμος
από tt39 tt39 2008-08-29 09:06
Από που'ν'τούτ;
από mari@pi mari@pi 2008-08-29 12:20
από νότια Κρήτη, γυρίζοντας από Τρεις Εκκλησιές,,
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Line attenuation: δείχνει πόσο σήμα χάνεται πάνω στη γραμμή
από αυτό που στέλνεται προς κάποια κατεύθυνση. Πρέπει να είναι χαμηλό
νούμερο και όχι μεγαλύτερο από 60-65 dB.
20dB και κάτω:ΤOP
20dB-30dB εξαιρετικό
30dB-40dB πολύ καλό
40dB-50dB καλό
50dB-60dB φτωχό με πιθανά προβλήματα σύνδεσης
60dB και πάνω = σίγουρα προβλήματα σύνδεσης

*SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio αφορά την ισχύ του σήματος. Η σχέση που έχει το ωφέλιμο σήμα της
γραμμής (signal - αυτό που μεταφέρει τα data μας) προς τοΝ θόρυβο της
(noise). Πρέπει να είναι υψηλό θετικό νούμερο και σε κάθε περίπτωση όχι
μικρότερο από 6 dB θεωρητικά αλλά στην πράξη κάτω από 10-12 dB έχουμε
σοβαρά προβλήματα.
6dB και κάτω είναι πολύ κακό και είναι πολύ πιθανό να έχεις προβλήματα συγχρονισμού
7dB-10dB μέτριο
11dB-20dB καλό χωρίς προβλήματα συγχρονισμού
20dB-28dB εξαιρετικό
29dB και πάνω:TOP
από thk thk 2008-09-01 02:39
ηταν αρρωστη η dsl αλλα μαλλον ευθυνεται το parental control του speedtouch gia 6 μήνες συνεχομενα disconnect και πολλα ..